Edulink Systems, Inc. was formed in 1995, with the goal of developing software that would give parents access to the abundance of student records already being collected within schools’ administrative and instructional databases. Our initial product, ISIS (Intouch Online), was the first system nationwide that allowed parents and others to view student demographic and academic data over the Internet. In line with our original charter, our second product was the fully automatic Intouch Autodialer system. From the beginning, an essential part of the development of both applications was the creation of a seamless interface with the SASI-3, SASIxp, and Aeries Student information systems. As a result, our software appears to the users to be just another module of the student information system. Today Edulink Systems and our Intouch line of products are making a difference in the educational processes of over 3,000 schools nationwide.

Development Mindset & Responsiveness
Edulink is first and foremost a software development company. We are very responsive to needs of schools and districts and because we do not simply resell another company’s product, we can quickly enhance our products to meet our customers’ needs.An example of our responsiveness to the needs of our customers was the significant modification of Intouch Online that we made for Long Beach Unified School District: Prior to the Long Beach project, Intouch Online supported only individual schools. However, Long Beach wanted a system that could be controlled by the central district office, but allow access to each of their 89 schools. We immediately undertook the development of a centralized system and delivered it to Long Beach less than two months later.

K-12 Pioneers
Edulink has recently introduced Intouch Reports to its line of products. Intouch Reports is a student information retrieval system that simplifies the process of creating and running reports and queries, including comparative and historical data analysis. Information made available by Intouch Reports can be vital to District and School administrators’ decision-making processes. Large companies in the private sector have had access to this technology for over ten years. Edulink Systems is excited to bring these technologies to the K-12.