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Mobile Notifications

Intouch Mobile Application combines the power of our web interface with the flexibility and ease-of-use found in today's top mobile applications. Now, you can truly create and send notifications from just about anywhere, anytime. This provides your school community with a single source for all school communications. It's available as a mobile app for Apple and Android devices and as a Web-based application.

The Intouch Mobile app not only allows your staff to create and manage notifications but opens the door for direct and private messaging between staff, students and parents.

Custom School App

Keep your entire school community on the same page with the news, events, and school information customized for every user. Our custom school apps unify all the information and access you need from school and partner websites, social media, broadcasts and important calendar events.

  • Social Media Integration - Unlimited Social Media account access (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.)
  • Interactive Calendar - View District and School events with ability to save to native calendar apps
  • Parent Notification Integration - Active "Push" alerts for notifications create with the Intouch Notification Service
  • Community Engagement - Include Mobile App users as part of your standard communication processes
  • Custom web link library - Turn Mobile App into a hub of access to important District services such as transportation, food services and inventory management systems
  • SSO capability - Allow users to log in once and authenticate to various District applications
  • Custom Layout and Modules - Turn any important information, forms or documents into a custom District module

Parent Portal

The Intouch Parent Portal Application provides a single source for school, district and classroom notifications. Avoid burdening parents with message overload by providing the tools to customize contact information. The Parent Portal also lets parents activate "push" alerts that will notify them of all incoming messages. All messages are archived in a complete Notification History module that can be accessed when it's convenient for the recipient.

Request Information

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